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Fix & Flip

Thanks to HGTV (among others), fixing & flipping has become very en vogue over the past decade or so. What they don't tell you on TV, though, is that it can be a very risky and stressful strategy. If you don't put yourself in a good position to succeed, you could be in for some heartbreak.


The good news is, Jason and I have personally completed a bunch of flips in Santa Barbara, and we've had a lot of success doing it. We've made mistakes, for sure, but if you want to get into flipping, we can help guide you through all the landmines that we had to discover by stepping on them.

This is a very advanced strategy, but when done well it can be extremely lucrative!

Our Past Flips

Picture of the front of a house with the words "The Fleur House" overlaid on it
Picture of a modern farm house with the words "The Palm House" overlaid on it
Picture of a home with the words "The Centennial House" overlaid on it
Picture of a house with a pool with the words "The Highland House" overlaid on it
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